Two steps to take after your rented skip bin arrives

If your rented skip bin has just arrived, these are the steps that you should take to ensure that your usage of this receptacle goes as planned.

Look for some tools that could help you to use the skip bin more effectively

If you have a garden shed full of odds and ends that you use to maintain or tidy your outdoor spaces, then you should root around in this shed before you begin using the skip bin, as there might be a few items in this area that could help you to make the most out of this rented container.

For example, if you have a tamper tool that you have used in the past for compacting the soil in your garden or setting paving stones, then you should pull this out and keep it beside the skip bin. This is because you can use this tamper to push down and compact the compressible refuse that goes into this container.

By habitually using this tool each time you put another object into the bin, you should not only be able to make the most out of the available space in this receptacle but should also be able to reduce the likelihood of the lighter pieces of rubbish inside it tumbling out when the bin gets very crowded. 

If you have an extra-wide shovel in your shed, you might also want to take this out, as you could use this to scoop up and toss in loose debris that you want to transfer to the bin without having to pick it up by hand. This could be safer and will allow you to dispose of debris far more quickly.

Give your household members an overview of what they can put in the bin

Whilst your skip bin provider may have given you an exhaustive description of the things that a skip bin can or cannot be used to store, your household members won't have this information, and it is your responsibility to pass it on to them. For example, if anyone in your house has an illness that necessitates the use of disposable medical supplies, like syringes or wound management products, then you must tell them that these cannot be disposed of in the bin (as most providers of skip bins will not accept medical waste). This is crucial, as if they put these in, they will then have to pull them out again before the full bin is picked up.