Two ways to fully utilise the space within a rented skip bin

If you've used a local company's skip bin hire service and want to fully utilise the space within your rented bin so that you can avoid hiring a second one to get rid of all your refuse, here are some tips to follow.

Put smaller bits of refuse inside larger bits of refuse

One simple way to get more refuse into your rented bin is to put smaller bits of refuse inside larger bits of refuse. For example, if you're throwing away a chest of drawers that you cannot dismantle to make it more compact, then you should utilise the space inside its drawers, by putting other small pieces of refuse in them. Likewise, if you're throwing away an old ottoman that has internal storage, make sure you stuff plenty of your smaller pieces of rubbish into its storage area. This will then mean that this smaller rubbish won't take up extra room, in addition to the space that the large item takes up inside the bin.

The only caveat that you'll need to keep in mind if you follow this advice is that if the refuse you put inside the larger items is small but somewhat heavy (for example, if you're disposing of paperweights, weighted bookends, etc.) you might need to weigh the large item that you've filled with this heavier, more compact refuse before you put it in the bin. 

The reason for this is that most skip bin rental businesses need their filled bins to be under a certain weight, in order for their drivers to be able to load them onto their vehicles safely. As such, if the rental business has informed you of the maximum weight the bin can hold, and you know that much of the smaller refuse you're squeezing into it is quite heavy, you need to keep an eye on the weight of the packed larger items that you put into this container so that you don't exceed this number.

Crush and flatten the refuse

Another way to make the most out of the bin's storage space is to crush and flatten the refuse that you put into it so that it's as compact as possible. If you don't own a compacting tool, the quickest way to do this is to stand on the refuse and use your body weight to compact it. However, you must exercise caution when doing this.

 For example, you should wear a pair of boots with thick soles so that no sharp bits of rubbish will pierce them whilst you're standing on the items in the bin. Additionally, you should not try to stand on anything made of glass (which could shatter and injure you if you break it) or unstable bits of rubbish (such as a table with one damaged leg) that you could fall off of whilst attempting to break it apart with your body weight.

For more information on a skip bin hire, contact a company near you.