Your Guide to Finding a Skip Bin Service Provider

Some projects you undertake in your home or commercial building can generate a lot more rubbish than usual, and the standard rubbish bin you use may not suffice. Fortunately, there is an option you can consider when you find yourself in this situation – skip bin hire. Skip bins are a quick and convenient waste removal solution you can try. These bins are ideal for different rubbish removal applications, including industrial, commercial and residential. The skip bin company you choose will deliver the type of bin you require and pick it up once it's filled.

The key to getting the best service provider in your area is making a smart choice when selecting the service provider. This post will share the essential hints you should consider during skip bin hire so you can get value for your money.

Identify the form of waste you'll be disposing of

The first thing you need to do before you start searching for a skip bin service provider is to determine the kind of waste you'll be disposing of. You cannot combine two or more forms of waste in one bin, as this will complicate the waste management process. Some general waste categories include the following:

  • Green waste – for garden cuttings and grass (wet compost, soil and tree stumps and other carbonaceous wastes aren't included) 
  • General waste – for household and commercial rubbish (asbestos, hazardous rubbish and electrical appliances aren't included)

If you have any other form of waste, you should consider talking to the service providers beforehand to know your options.

Consider the costs

Like other services, skip bin services come at a cost. For this reason, you need to know how much you can afford to pay for the service. Once you create a budget, you can get several quotations from potential service providers and compare them before choosing the most suitable company. Remember that a low or high service charge doesn't guarantee that you will get quality service, so be cautious when making a choice.

Study the terms and conditions

Every skip bin service company you come across will have unique terms and conditions, so it's vital to read them before you pick the most suitable one. Do some companies have certain special conditions their customers have to fulfil? Are you required to have a special permit? Will you need several skips for different forms of waste? Make sure you know everything about the service provider you choose to avoid getting penalised.